Sunday, 3 January 2010

Turn of the decade, Golden Ratio and the Washington monument.

Well, its 2010. The turn of the decade brought with it for me, a new look and new ideas. Before xmas and the turn of the new year, i was thinking of creating a new language or a new alphabet which would appear at first that you wouldnt understand, but if you took the time you could understand it - i was getting at the whole idea ive had from the start, that of things not always being as you first think, but if you look longer and hard enough you may see something different.
After the process of trying to create a new language/alphabet i wasnt sure if it was where i wanted to go - but it was during this time that i had another view on things.
Ive always been interested in the number 5, the 5 times table has always been my favorite, things just seem easier with the number 5 - i have no idea why. During the time i spent looking into hieroglyphs, i also read up on the creation of the pyramids and the golden ratio. The number 5 is the basis of the golden ratio (1+√ 5/2)this magic ratio of 1:1.618 which was the basis for the design of the pyramids, obelisks and even rumored to be the basis of the Washington Monument. Artists and Architects since the Renaissance have been using this ratio for the basis of paintings and buildings believing it to be aesthetically more pleasing - the most famous being Da Vinci's Last Supper.

The golden ratio and the √ 5 got me thinking - is this magical ratio aesthetically more pleasing? Is it the golden ratio that makes us compelled to like such paintings and architecture as the pyramids, The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa? It is this i want to explore - the use of the golden ratio on perception with want of culminating in a large scale project which shall be detailed at a later date.

This is going to be huge.


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