Thursday, 28 January 2010

Braille, Butterstroke and the Lord himself.

Its no mystery that i have massive ambitions - but usually they end up getting the better of me and i dont do much about them. I usually seem to be the one with all the ideas, but never gets round to doing them. It was discussed yesterday in a tutorial i had that i generally seem to have an idea and them immediately set an end point and thus i dont expand and grow naturally, its abit too structured and straight forward.
The idea of using the Golden Ratio is still something im still wanting to explore and the object of holes and the thought of beyond the canvas moving away from the ideals and usual art techniques but in a way still using them? Like the idea i had of the 7 ft x 10ft canvas - its not about the use of the canvas, its about the ratio and the holes. However - i tried using a needle to poke holes in canvas and i soon found out that you couldnt see the holes....even when a shone a light behind it, which was a a bit of a let down, but i guess it gives me some more time to explore the material, the use of the holes, how to apply? the holes and what im actually doing.

"I've always wondered what it is like to be someone else"

Quote taken from my first blog post - i do wonder what its like to be someone else. I saw a few decent things today - went swimming and witness what i could only describe as a creation, it was a cross between butterfly and breast was wonderful. I also saw braille on the back of a was there but unless you looked and ran your finger over it then you probably wouldnt notice it...i loved it. What if i could create work that was by me, but not about me, or appears to be by me? What if it was the work of a blind mathematician who wants to explore visual aesthetics? What about instead of holes, what about braille? Practical holes, so almost the destruction of the usual art technique but has a side of practicality and maybe respect for the usual. I like this as a starting point. Yes. I think this is what i need, a starting point and not an end point and trying to go from there.

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