Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fontana, Gold and spatial concepts.

When thinking of perforation and holes in canvas, i could look no further than Lucio Fontana. His Spatial Concept series dealt with a new age in painting, he wanted to eradicate the art of the easel and paint focusing on the space behind the canvas or paper - he got his ideals and ideas from the Dada movement, it was looked at as an effort to destroy art and move away from the usual techniques and ideals of art, which is just what im doing and want to do. I hate the idea of art being labeled as just painting, or just drawing, or this or that - art is what you make of it, it should make you feel a certain way and its special - it shouldnt be boxed up.
I really want to work with gold, have it be on a large or small scale - theres just something about gold that makes me want to explore it - even gold leaf or gold paint. I liked the idea of maybe gold leafing the frame of a canvas - like Fontana exploring beyond the canvas, the space behind it.

Its gonna be huge


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