Monday, 19 April 2010


Well, this is my last blog post as my journal is in tomorrow so i guess i best sum things up really.
After the work i was doing in terms of art for blind people i wanted to set up an exhibition in a disused shop or space but alas no one was willing to work with me on that pretty much because of insurance reasons no one was willing to let me use any shops or spaces - which was a big knock back as i wanted to do some installation based work to continue with what i was doing, but i needed the space to do it and with no space i couldnt do the work...
Instead i thought about the seeing part of my work and thought about cataracts and how that blurs and obscures your vision. So what i did was take different types of trees and diamonds, printed them off then stuck frosted plastic over the top in different ways to make some or all or the word blurred - the result is pretty good i think.

Ive done 13 of these, again for the Fibonacci sequence. Well, this is it i guess.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Last few...

Ok, so ive had this song stuck in my head for ages now - like it appears at such inappropriate times as when im deep in conversation or being told off or something hah. Whatever.

Well, this may be my last blog entry as my journal blog included is in on Tuesday...all i wanted to share was some work id been doing recently but it reminded me of Richard Hamilton whose work i first saw in Barcelona...ohh, abooout 2006/7 maybe? Anyway i really liked it and it reminded me of that - what that is i will either elaborate on later when my camera is charged or tomorrow or whatever - the near future.


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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spanish Sahara, Pizza Hut and 24 hour rowing marathons.

First off, i'll start with the new Foals video as its fucking incredible. Such a great video and song.

Ive been thinking...the whole street art thing was going well, but the shelf life wasnt long enough and going out at like 2 in the morning got a bit annoying after the second time. Im not really sure if i should say what it was i did here incase, but it was a good concept and it worked great...just not practical.
Im currently speaking to the council about letting me and a course mate use a disused Pizza Hut on Oxford Street for an exhibition of some work - heard back from they today and its been forwarded to the correct people so hopefully this should all be a go in a week or so. What im thinking is one room flooded with bottle caps, or at least a decent covering on the floor that can be walked on - im taking it back to the art for blind people thing, work that you dont need to see to be able to appreciate it. Another idea i want to do is an installation that tries to replicate the feeling when you step off the plane in a hot country and the hot hair hits you, somewhat interactive installation again. More details to come - i feel well ill, walking around at 7 in the morning isnt recommended especially watching 24 hour rowing marathons...shit.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

I saw the new Banksy film today - it was absolutely brilliant. Ive always liked street art and Banksy. When i first started getting into art, Banksy was one of the first artists i really started liking a lot. He even inspired me to do some of my own graffiti up until the point i realized that its a bit dangerous and the prospects of getting caught were rather high - especially after spending 20 minutes under a car hiding from the Police...What the film has done is get me thinking about my original street art roots, it was the first "public" art i did and defiantly the most ballsy and i did have a lot of fun doing it. Thinking about my project, i feel that i can literally take my work to the streets. Now im not going to openly say what it is on here just incase - i mean its not totally on the right side of the law, but it also isnt that extreme...but i think its going to work. Im glad i had this idea as what i was doing wasnt goin...well it was working, but i was struggling with it. What i wanted to do was make art essentially for blind people in terms of work that could be interacted with that didnt require you seeing it. Like plaster moulds like a big version of braille and also a working installation of bottle caps stuck on the floor much like tactile pavements. Its still that...but better.

The idea i had at first was to attach the bottle caps to plastic sheeting and tile them in a space like tactile pavements.

I made 13 of these plaster moulds - 13 because of the Fibonacci sequence. I didnt want to abandon the golden ratio ideas i had before, so 13 is a number that has links to the golden ration through the Fibonacci sequence being that the 13th and 14th numbers when divided by each other come out to 1.618 - the golden ratio. 13 is also the only number that is prime when reversed also. Good stuff.
I think this is going to work - im excited.


Sunday, 21 February 2010


Im a little bit speechless, not sure whats up with me - But Tom Ford is one of the most inspiring people i have ever come across.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

There was a girl who lived in London toooooown.

Got back from a trip to London last night - it was good, had to try and cram a lot of stuff into 2 days but still was interesting, saw a lot of work i liked.
The Decode exhibition at the V&A was exceptional - it was all interactive works that used software and modern computer technology so the viewer can interact with the work, it was excellent.

There are some of the images and works on the slide show - i would talk about each piece, but id actually be here forever! My favorites had to be "Tree" by Simon Heijdens, "Weave Mirror" by Daniel Rozin" and "Oasis" by Hyunwoo Bang and Yunsil Heo. All these works held in them such an excellent level or interaction with the viewer - i really felt part of it.

We went to the Saatchi Gallery on the same day as well - some of it was excellent, so
me was...whatever, didnt really tickle my fancy. Artists i liked were - Hama Malji, Emily Prince, Jia Aili, Kohei Nawa, Boo Ritson and most of all Richard Wilson.
His installation took over the whole of the bottom floor of the gallery with a steel structure that contained a couple of inches of used sump oil - it was bizarre, i had no idea what it was or how to think when i first saw it. I just assumed at first it was a mirror on the floor as when you looked down, all you could see was the ceiling - after a while however i knew i recognized the smell and after reading the card about the work i realized it was oil. The depth of field was unpreciented, the space seemed so much bigger than the last time i saw the gallery floor - speechless.

The second day we went to the Tate Modern, most of which id seen before however there were other exhibitions up stairs that i hadn't - works that stood out where - Gunther Uecker - "White Field" which was nails painted and stuck to the canvas, it reminded me of the work that im doing with the hole making, but almost a reverse but similar process - i really liked it. Jannis Kounellis, Bruce Nauman and Robert Morris also stood out. What i really liked was the works there by Lucio Fontana, Jeff Koons, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Jannis Kounellis.

All in all, the work i saw this week has given me a new drive towards
my work that im looking forward to.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Failed Obelisk, Modern Painters and Anish Kapoor

I remember seeing a video about Anish Kapoor on my Foundation last year and he told of one of his first works where he inputted a square and a circle into a computer programe with want to i think merge the 2 together or to make something inbetween - i remember the work being red and on paper, its all rather vague but what im getting at is there was clearly a circle and a square at the end, but the computer made the middle bit up - it reminds me of the way i work a little, i have a beginning (an idea) and an end (outcome) but the middle is never certain and i dont think it really matters what the middle is or how it comes about, its the idea and the end really. I mean the middle isss important, but its not something to dwell on really - i think the viewer should always be guessing and be allowed to think for them selves - almost, the viewer doesnt see the middle, so why should they care? The end is key.

I was introduced yesterday to the Modern Painters Magazine yesterday which i absolutely love. Ive been a long time subscriber to Art Review, but this is miles better - i mean Art Review is great, but this has so much for me. The pictures above are by British born sculptor James Balmforth. I reeeeeally like his work - especially these 2 "Failed Obelisk" and "We dont have drawings, we think and we build" - like the "We dont..." sculpture as its rather how i work, i have ideas, but i never draw them or plan them much, its more of a suck it and see attitude.
His work has made me think - ive never really been that interested in sculpture or even explored it, some stuff i like, some i dont. But maybe i should experiment with some sort of sculpture - i have some ideas in mind.

Blazing xxx<3