Thursday, 28 January 2010

Braille, Butterstroke and the Lord himself.

Its no mystery that i have massive ambitions - but usually they end up getting the better of me and i dont do much about them. I usually seem to be the one with all the ideas, but never gets round to doing them. It was discussed yesterday in a tutorial i had that i generally seem to have an idea and them immediately set an end point and thus i dont expand and grow naturally, its abit too structured and straight forward.
The idea of using the Golden Ratio is still something im still wanting to explore and the object of holes and the thought of beyond the canvas moving away from the ideals and usual art techniques but in a way still using them? Like the idea i had of the 7 ft x 10ft canvas - its not about the use of the canvas, its about the ratio and the holes. However - i tried using a needle to poke holes in canvas and i soon found out that you couldnt see the holes....even when a shone a light behind it, which was a a bit of a let down, but i guess it gives me some more time to explore the material, the use of the holes, how to apply? the holes and what im actually doing.

"I've always wondered what it is like to be someone else"

Quote taken from my first blog post - i do wonder what its like to be someone else. I saw a few decent things today - went swimming and witness what i could only describe as a creation, it was a cross between butterfly and breast was wonderful. I also saw braille on the back of a was there but unless you looked and ran your finger over it then you probably wouldnt notice it...i loved it. What if i could create work that was by me, but not about me, or appears to be by me? What if it was the work of a blind mathematician who wants to explore visual aesthetics? What about instead of holes, what about braille? Practical holes, so almost the destruction of the usual art technique but has a side of practicality and maybe respect for the usual. I like this as a starting point. Yes. I think this is what i need, a starting point and not an end point and trying to go from there.

xxx <3

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fontana, Gold and spatial concepts.

When thinking of perforation and holes in canvas, i could look no further than Lucio Fontana. His Spatial Concept series dealt with a new age in painting, he wanted to eradicate the art of the easel and paint focusing on the space behind the canvas or paper - he got his ideals and ideas from the Dada movement, it was looked at as an effort to destroy art and move away from the usual techniques and ideals of art, which is just what im doing and want to do. I hate the idea of art being labeled as just painting, or just drawing, or this or that - art is what you make of it, it should make you feel a certain way and its special - it shouldnt be boxed up.
I really want to work with gold, have it be on a large or small scale - theres just something about gold that makes me want to explore it - even gold leaf or gold paint. I liked the idea of maybe gold leafing the frame of a canvas - like Fontana exploring beyond the canvas, the space behind it.

Its gonna be huge


Thursday, 14 January 2010

1 million, Tom Ford and Tarantino

There is something about numbers that intrigues me - especially a million. It kind of seems like its a number thats thrown about a lot these days, but when you think about it, its huggge. 1000 x 1000...ridiculous. What i want to do is make a canvas in the golden ratio and put 1 million different pin pricks in it for the million decimal places of √5. Now, if that sounds big then...yeah i worked it out that its going to be 2 x 3.236 meters....ambitious, yeah. Now im thinking of either just using canvas or even some sort of gold material, or even gold leaf - but then i realized that would probably cost £1,000,000 hah. Im going to experiment with smaller golden rectangles before i set off on the bigger one.
Another thing im well into is gold...i just love the idea of gold and everything about it really. It is well expensive, but it just looks so good - went out today and bought some more Tom Ford fragrance and - Tobacco Vanille. Not only is it the most beautiful thing i have ever smelled, but it has a solid gold top - its incredible. It did set me back £100, but still, its so worth it. On a side note, i got hit on by the guy at the Tom Ford counter....he said he liked my shirt and went to touch my chest until i moved away. Now, i knew i was irresistible to women, but i didnt know my powers stretched to men...hmmm.

Ive recently rediscovered the magic of Quentin Tarantino - he's an absolute genius - ive never made any sort of films, i wouldnt mind experimenting in this area. Ive always had the idea of making a short film about a Polish bus driver who wants to secretly a taxi driver...hmm, hah.


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Turn of the decade, Golden Ratio and the Washington monument.

Well, its 2010. The turn of the decade brought with it for me, a new look and new ideas. Before xmas and the turn of the new year, i was thinking of creating a new language or a new alphabet which would appear at first that you wouldnt understand, but if you took the time you could understand it - i was getting at the whole idea ive had from the start, that of things not always being as you first think, but if you look longer and hard enough you may see something different.
After the process of trying to create a new language/alphabet i wasnt sure if it was where i wanted to go - but it was during this time that i had another view on things.
Ive always been interested in the number 5, the 5 times table has always been my favorite, things just seem easier with the number 5 - i have no idea why. During the time i spent looking into hieroglyphs, i also read up on the creation of the pyramids and the golden ratio. The number 5 is the basis of the golden ratio (1+√ 5/2)this magic ratio of 1:1.618 which was the basis for the design of the pyramids, obelisks and even rumored to be the basis of the Washington Monument. Artists and Architects since the Renaissance have been using this ratio for the basis of paintings and buildings believing it to be aesthetically more pleasing - the most famous being Da Vinci's Last Supper.

The golden ratio and the √ 5 got me thinking - is this magical ratio aesthetically more pleasing? Is it the golden ratio that makes us compelled to like such paintings and architecture as the pyramids, The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa? It is this i want to explore - the use of the golden ratio on perception with want of culminating in a large scale project which shall be detailed at a later date.

This is going to be huge.