Thursday, 14 January 2010

1 million, Tom Ford and Tarantino

There is something about numbers that intrigues me - especially a million. It kind of seems like its a number thats thrown about a lot these days, but when you think about it, its huggge. 1000 x 1000...ridiculous. What i want to do is make a canvas in the golden ratio and put 1 million different pin pricks in it for the million decimal places of √5. Now, if that sounds big then...yeah i worked it out that its going to be 2 x 3.236 meters....ambitious, yeah. Now im thinking of either just using canvas or even some sort of gold material, or even gold leaf - but then i realized that would probably cost £1,000,000 hah. Im going to experiment with smaller golden rectangles before i set off on the bigger one.
Another thing im well into is gold...i just love the idea of gold and everything about it really. It is well expensive, but it just looks so good - went out today and bought some more Tom Ford fragrance and - Tobacco Vanille. Not only is it the most beautiful thing i have ever smelled, but it has a solid gold top - its incredible. It did set me back £100, but still, its so worth it. On a side note, i got hit on by the guy at the Tom Ford counter....he said he liked my shirt and went to touch my chest until i moved away. Now, i knew i was irresistible to women, but i didnt know my powers stretched to men...hmmm.

Ive recently rediscovered the magic of Quentin Tarantino - he's an absolute genius - ive never made any sort of films, i wouldnt mind experimenting in this area. Ive always had the idea of making a short film about a Polish bus driver who wants to secretly a taxi driver...hmm, hah.


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