Monday, 19 April 2010


Well, this is my last blog post as my journal is in tomorrow so i guess i best sum things up really.
After the work i was doing in terms of art for blind people i wanted to set up an exhibition in a disused shop or space but alas no one was willing to work with me on that pretty much because of insurance reasons no one was willing to let me use any shops or spaces - which was a big knock back as i wanted to do some installation based work to continue with what i was doing, but i needed the space to do it and with no space i couldnt do the work...
Instead i thought about the seeing part of my work and thought about cataracts and how that blurs and obscures your vision. So what i did was take different types of trees and diamonds, printed them off then stuck frosted plastic over the top in different ways to make some or all or the word blurred - the result is pretty good i think.

Ive done 13 of these, again for the Fibonacci sequence. Well, this is it i guess.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Last few...

Ok, so ive had this song stuck in my head for ages now - like it appears at such inappropriate times as when im deep in conversation or being told off or something hah. Whatever.

Well, this may be my last blog entry as my journal blog included is in on Tuesday...all i wanted to share was some work id been doing recently but it reminded me of Richard Hamilton whose work i first saw in Barcelona...ohh, abooout 2006/7 maybe? Anyway i really liked it and it reminded me of that - what that is i will either elaborate on later when my camera is charged or tomorrow or whatever - the near future.


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