Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Failed Obelisk, Modern Painters and Anish Kapoor

I remember seeing a video about Anish Kapoor on my Foundation last year and he told of one of his first works where he inputted a square and a circle into a computer programe with want to i think merge the 2 together or to make something inbetween - i remember the work being red and on paper, its all rather vague but what im getting at is there was clearly a circle and a square at the end, but the computer made the middle bit up - it reminds me of the way i work a little, i have a beginning (an idea) and an end (outcome) but the middle is never certain and i dont think it really matters what the middle is or how it comes about, its the idea and the end really. I mean the middle isss important, but its not something to dwell on really - i think the viewer should always be guessing and be allowed to think for them selves - almost, the viewer doesnt see the middle, so why should they care? The end is key.

I was introduced yesterday to the Modern Painters Magazine yesterday which i absolutely love. Ive been a long time subscriber to Art Review, but this is miles better - i mean Art Review is great, but this has so much for me. The pictures above are by British born sculptor James Balmforth. I reeeeeally like his work - especially these 2 "Failed Obelisk" and "We dont have drawings, we think and we build" - like the "We dont..." sculpture as its rather how i work, i have ideas, but i never draw them or plan them much, its more of a suck it and see attitude.
His work has made me think - ive never really been that interested in sculpture or even explored it, some stuff i like, some i dont. But maybe i should experiment with some sort of sculpture - i have some ideas in mind.

Blazing xxx<3

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