Saturday, 13 February 2010

There was a girl who lived in London toooooown.

Got back from a trip to London last night - it was good, had to try and cram a lot of stuff into 2 days but still was interesting, saw a lot of work i liked.
The Decode exhibition at the V&A was exceptional - it was all interactive works that used software and modern computer technology so the viewer can interact with the work, it was excellent.

There are some of the images and works on the slide show - i would talk about each piece, but id actually be here forever! My favorites had to be "Tree" by Simon Heijdens, "Weave Mirror" by Daniel Rozin" and "Oasis" by Hyunwoo Bang and Yunsil Heo. All these works held in them such an excellent level or interaction with the viewer - i really felt part of it.

We went to the Saatchi Gallery on the same day as well - some of it was excellent, so
me was...whatever, didnt really tickle my fancy. Artists i liked were - Hama Malji, Emily Prince, Jia Aili, Kohei Nawa, Boo Ritson and most of all Richard Wilson.
His installation took over the whole of the bottom floor of the gallery with a steel structure that contained a couple of inches of used sump oil - it was bizarre, i had no idea what it was or how to think when i first saw it. I just assumed at first it was a mirror on the floor as when you looked down, all you could see was the ceiling - after a while however i knew i recognized the smell and after reading the card about the work i realized it was oil. The depth of field was unpreciented, the space seemed so much bigger than the last time i saw the gallery floor - speechless.

The second day we went to the Tate Modern, most of which id seen before however there were other exhibitions up stairs that i hadn't - works that stood out where - Gunther Uecker - "White Field" which was nails painted and stuck to the canvas, it reminded me of the work that im doing with the hole making, but almost a reverse but similar process - i really liked it. Jannis Kounellis, Bruce Nauman and Robert Morris also stood out. What i really liked was the works there by Lucio Fontana, Jeff Koons, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Jannis Kounellis.

All in all, the work i saw this week has given me a new drive towards
my work that im looking forward to.


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