Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hieroglyphs, Chinese and those things off tv quiz shows..

Well, i was thinking right - ive been looking for things amongst my work like faces and shapes, and i realized that there are other things i could look at than making shapes using staining etc. I was thinking of looking into things like Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese and Japanese symbols and, those things off tv quiz shows - like where you have pictures and you put them all together to make names of movies and stuff? I know what im talking about.

Now ive looked into this and its almightily confusing trying to learn how to read and write hieroglyphs over the internet, however i do find it interesting so its something i wish to look into as i feel its similar to what ive been looking at - the symbols dont seem like they even relate to clothing or cloth but some how they do...i dont know enough about this yet clearly.

I also had the same idea for Chinese and Japanese
symbols - like when i look at them i dont see obviously what some one whom could read them would see, however i see other things like faces.

i dont know what they are called but ive seen
them on tv quiz shows - example.

+ O

Put it together, and you get Air + O + Plain, Airplane - simple. I was thinking of trying to write stories or phrases in these differing texts - pictures to make words - pictures that look like words - words spelled how they sound - using symbols to demonstrate words etc.

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