Monday, 26 October 2009

Arabic Thinking, Da Vinci Code and Fantastic Mr Fox.

I had a talk today from Michael Howard, who took a lecture a while back on how we see the world and about looking. Seriously some of the most interesting stuff i've heard in a while, really enjoyed that. Had him again today for a thing about a show on about Leonardo Da Vinci at the Manchester Museum of Science andddd Technology? I cant remember, but honestly fascinating, absolutely amazing. Im a Da Vinci fan as it i...well i say fan but i dont actually know a whole deal about him, but i learnt an awful lot today. There is a project that we have to do involving an idea/drawing/machine that Da Vinci never got round to making - YES! I love that kind of thing, im soooo into it. I have a few initial ideas like, the automatic sun cream applicator - Dont you hate having to apply sun cream all the time on holiday? Automatic sun cream applicator does it for you - or even a sun cream that lasts all week? The automated guitar smasher for the aged rock star - seems every band under the sun is reforming these days, but they're all getting on a bit, so to make it easier for them to end with a bang - automated guitar smashing and or fire lighting as an optional extra.
Oh my im so into this.
I started to think during the lecture about something that i've wondered for a while actually. The sea - ocean - body of water - lake what ever. Is it always the same water that is always on the top? Like does it rotate and the water say 100 meters down in the ocean eventually come to the top and be the water we see? Or is that water always going to be down there, never for us to see? I want to find out.

I also went to the library today to try and find some books on Da Vinci, seems they're all being rented out as i couldnt find any...but i did get a book on mad inventions and a book on Arabic folklore and fairy tales - looks like a good read. Im so excited for this invention ideas thing - cant wait to get really started on it.

Now i should have posted some stuff on Clyfford Still that i did the other day, but i was far too excited about this so i chose to do this instead. Along with Clyfford Still and the work im doing, i really like the idea of looking at ink blot tests as its rather similar to what im doing now in terms of seeing shapes and patterns amongst other things. That'll come tomorrow or soon, as for now im going to be reading Arabic fairy tales and trying to invent machines never seen by man. UH-HUUUUUUUUUUUUU.


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