Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Arabic numeracy, linguistics and telecommunications.

Totally forgot that one of my friends does Arabic at Exeter University. I really like the idea of basing some of my project on foreign alphabets, as it's an area that fascinates me. Hopefully I'll be able to go see her soon and quiz her on the ins and outs of Arabic culture and linguistics.

In other news I finally got round to getting an eye test today and found out I'm long sighted in my right eye and I now have glasses. That isn't the interesting part, but what is, is that they took pictures of the back of my eyes and I could see my own blood vessels when they were shining the light in my eyes, it was rather spectacular seeing my own eyes without looking in a mirror. It was such a good experience as I'm really interested in the act of seeing, how eyes work and how everyones eyes are different, so it was a definite helping hand into gaining some sort of inside knowledge on this area of anatomy.
Hopefully I might be able to get some of the pictures they took and use them in my project some how.


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