Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wild Beasts, Affairs with windmills and Spanish drug lords

I dont think there is much focus or aim in this post, more a general get together of whats been happening.
A while back one Sunday evening i was forced to watch John Tucker Must Die - 2006 film starring Jesse Metcalfe - and one of the girls described John Tucker as being so beautiful he was like "A statue wrapped in a painting". That made me almost like the film as that sounds pretty interesting to me. I mean, i hate the whole cliche of art being just about painting, just about drawing, just about portraits - landscapes blah blah blah, but i think the coming together of 2 ideals or stereotypes to make one unforeseen new element is rather interesting. I think its much like what im trying to do now - working with colour - staining canvas etc has been done before - nothing new here - but im trying to introduce other elements to my work like gravity, chance and randomisation, and this is what i think sets it apart from the regular.
I kind of had a thought the other day about life - i was doodling in my notebook and started drawing like just lines up and down and then it turned into what looked like the lines from a heart rate monitor - and it made me think that, that is a visual, digital representation of life - which i think as an artist is what im doing also - trying to represent life for other people - showing what i feel through my life.

It seems as much as i dont really think about it all the time, im always being influenced by the world around me - usually in the form of dreams. As i mentioned in a previous post about dreaming, our mind takes things you have seen or experienced that day and compares them to other similar things you have felt or experienced, causing you to potentially dream about things you see just before you go to bed or that day. Seeing as i am basing a portion of my work on dreaming, then i am always being influenced by what i see and what emotions i feel - interesting.

I met a girl...
Im not getting my hopes up just yet - love is no excuse for bad art...

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