Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Eavesdropping, Egypt and Hazelnut Americanos.

Went out last night with some friends and i over heard someone say something which, at first struck me as rather concerning, but overall rather romantic.

"If i wake up tomorrow and ive been sick, passed out and dont remember anything. I'll remember you."

Now, it also sounded rather alarming to me at first, but i kind of like it. Its rather beautiful in a way, makes me want to be in love. Not gonna lie, i am a hopeless romantic, i do like almost exaggerated expressions of love and declarations of love.

I saw an advert on the side of a bus today when flyering for a club night my friends organise, it was about traveling and visiting Egypt. The slogan said something like:-

"The stones talked to me....Egypt - where it all began"

Something like that.
I really really want to go to Egypt, it looks like such an amazing place - that and im well into ancient Egyptian mythology and stuff. They have a webiste devoted to the traveling and experience of Egypt - there is even a LoveEgyptClub (yes i joined) how sweet is that?

In other news, Starbucks have new red Christmas cups in now - really like the look of them. They also have new gingerbread and deep cherry flavor syrup that you can buy - not sure about them, but i think i might have to opt for a gingerbread Americano next time i go rather than my regular hazelnut.


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