Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spanish Sahara, Pizza Hut and 24 hour rowing marathons.

First off, i'll start with the new Foals video as its fucking incredible. Such a great video and song.

Ive been thinking...the whole street art thing was going well, but the shelf life wasnt long enough and going out at like 2 in the morning got a bit annoying after the second time. Im not really sure if i should say what it was i did here incase, but it was a good concept and it worked great...just not practical.
Im currently speaking to the council about letting me and a course mate use a disused Pizza Hut on Oxford Street for an exhibition of some work - heard back from they today and its been forwarded to the correct people so hopefully this should all be a go in a week or so. What im thinking is one room flooded with bottle caps, or at least a decent covering on the floor that can be walked on - im taking it back to the art for blind people thing, work that you dont need to see to be able to appreciate it. Another idea i want to do is an installation that tries to replicate the feeling when you step off the plane in a hot country and the hot hair hits you, somewhat interactive installation again. More details to come - i feel well ill, walking around at 7 in the morning isnt recommended especially watching 24 hour rowing marathons...shit.


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