Sunday, 7 March 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

I saw the new Banksy film today - it was absolutely brilliant. Ive always liked street art and Banksy. When i first started getting into art, Banksy was one of the first artists i really started liking a lot. He even inspired me to do some of my own graffiti up until the point i realized that its a bit dangerous and the prospects of getting caught were rather high - especially after spending 20 minutes under a car hiding from the Police...What the film has done is get me thinking about my original street art roots, it was the first "public" art i did and defiantly the most ballsy and i did have a lot of fun doing it. Thinking about my project, i feel that i can literally take my work to the streets. Now im not going to openly say what it is on here just incase - i mean its not totally on the right side of the law, but it also isnt that extreme...but i think its going to work. Im glad i had this idea as what i was doing wasnt goin...well it was working, but i was struggling with it. What i wanted to do was make art essentially for blind people in terms of work that could be interacted with that didnt require you seeing it. Like plaster moulds like a big version of braille and also a working installation of bottle caps stuck on the floor much like tactile pavements. Its still that...but better.

The idea i had at first was to attach the bottle caps to plastic sheeting and tile them in a space like tactile pavements.

I made 13 of these plaster moulds - 13 because of the Fibonacci sequence. I didnt want to abandon the golden ratio ideas i had before, so 13 is a number that has links to the golden ration through the Fibonacci sequence being that the 13th and 14th numbers when divided by each other come out to 1.618 - the golden ratio. 13 is also the only number that is prime when reversed also. Good stuff.
I think this is going to work - im excited.


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